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Working with your employees and teams to help put a process in place that will help them work together better as a team. Learning their specific strengths and how to better relate to co-workers.

Time management is the KEY to being organized

People are busy and in these busy times we tend to drop the ball on filing, meeting deadlines or organizing our desk space.  We get busy multitasking when we should be focusing.

Ask me about my team workshops and how they can help get everyone working on the same page.

A better Process = better Productivity

I speak on the topic of organizing as well as team building.

Let's take your team through a Lunch & Learn. 

  • Time Management Tips & Tricks 
  • Productivity 
  • Paper Management
  • Email Etiquette

Let's take your team through a 4 hour Real Colors session:

  • Helps teams communicate better
  • Employees learn more about themselves
  • Putting the right person in the right positions
  • More productive teams

​Group Zoom Session   - 1 hour $250.00 (up to 100 people)
Group Zoom Session   - 2 hour $475.00 (up to 100 people)
One to One Virtual Zoom Sessions  $85 per hour 
Small business office Organizing $125.00 per hour