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I have been organizing since 1999. I specialize in home offices and corporate offices as well as hosting workshops on space and time management. I have built a reputation of excellence on time and space management and work with professionals and businesses alike. Working one-on-one or in groups, I help people create customized time and space management solutions that work for them. My clients walk away with learning tools to be able to stay organized.

Organizing.buzz is a resource for people who want to be more productive in their working world so they can enjoy their time off with their friends and families.

Ask me how we can get you back on track with your paperwork, deadlines and calendar. Let's put a process into place so you can move on to the things that bring you joy.

I have been a Real Colors Facilitator since 2003 and give workshops using this tool to help people better understand themselves and others. This fun and interactive session is great for teams to kickstart any workshop.


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Call or Text: 917.887.8672 

What kinds of organizing projects do you do?

Everyone who contacts organizing.buzz has a different need. Some people need help organizing the “stuff” in their homes, some need help with home offices and setting up a great filing system. Many people who call me are business owners who need help with their teams with filing issues or meeting deadlines.

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is anyone needing help with their time management and space management issues. Whether you are an individual or a corporation I come in and help get you set up with a process that will help keep you more productive so you spend less time doing the things you dislike and more time doing the things that bring you joy. 

What services do you specialize in?

I specialize in working with busy individuals and companies to organize their papers, both personal and business, into easy-to-use filing systems.

Closet design:

I am an independent representative for The Container Store and I design closets for homes.

Virtual Organizing Help

Let's hook up via Zoom! I can help you learn how to get organized virtually instead of making an in person house visit. $75 per hour.

Can you describe your organizing process and what I can expect?

New clients often ask if  I will make them get rid of all their stuff during the organizing process; and the answer is NO. I'm not here to take away all your belongings, I'm here to help get your belongings into a great system that will help keep you organized. We initially meet for about an hour for consultation so I can assess your needs. This assessment is $100.00  which is reimbursed off your first 3 hour organizing invoice once we start the project.

I then work on a mutual schedule for us to come in and get you organized! This is a team effort and you will learn how to stay organized and maintain the process we put in place for you.

How long have you been a part of the organizing and productivity industry?

I have been organizing homes, home offices and teams since 1999.

How does your fee structure work?

Initial Consultation: $100.00 in-home full project scope

Organizing.buzz works on a minimum of 2 hour sessions each hour is $85 for residential projects. Travel and time is added to NJ and Manhattan clients. Fee $125.00 per hour


Corporate projects: $175.00 per hour.

Initial Assessment fee: $300.00

Payment is due after each session.

Corporate/Group Workshops 

The corporate workshop is a flat fee of $599.00 plus an additional per person fee of $25 for materials. A deposit of 1/2 of the fee is required at the agreement signing. This workshop is an interactive and fun way to get your teams more productive.

We take the following forms of payment:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and checks and cash are also accepted.

I find not everyone works the same. Some people want to work a full day together and get the job done, while others take it at a slower pace and we go for 2-3 hour sessions. I work  one-on-one with with you so you learn organizing skills and techniques.

Do you work with an agreement?

I work with a Client Agreement that states our cancellation policy, payment terms.  As a certified professional organizer and member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, I abide by the NAPO Code of Ethics 

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I am Fully Insured and NYC WMBE Certified (Women Minority Business Enterprise)